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Honey Badger Videos

Things You Should Know About Honey Badgers


The honey badgers are some of the greatest animals in the world. It would be a great thing if you get to know them more. One is that they are also called the Ratel. This name is perhaps from the Afrikaans language that is native to South Africa and Namibia. Also, this may be derived from the rattling sound which they create when they are scared. It is very interesting to know that an infantry fighting vehicle of the defense force was actually named this.


The honey badgers from are also living in Africa and also the Middle East. If you are interested about seeing honey badgers, not just their videos, then you can visit the known places where they can be found such as the particular national park in South Africa. Also, these animals are frequently found raiding the refuse bins in particular campsites.


It is written in the Guinness Book of records, in the year 2002, the honey badger is recognized as the most fearless animal in the world. They can look adorable and cute but you should not be deceived since they are definitely tough. Hence, you must not mess with them. You will certainly know why as you go on.


It is also a fact that the honey badgers kill snakes and eat them. They can attack the snakes even the most venomous and dangerous ones. They can even devour a whole 5 feet-long snake in only 15 minutes. They can kill snakes through grabbing them behind their head. There are other creatures that also fall prey to such fierce animal that include the earthworms, the tortoises, termites and also the crocodiles which are about a meter in length. To learn more facts about honey badgers, you can visit


Know that they are lonely or solitary creatures. However, there are reports that honey badgers come together in a place where there is abundant food. Also, they don't have a permanent shelter. After they dig a hole and stay there for one day or two, they would travel again in order to find a different place where they can stay.


When you want to see more and know how they live, then there are honey badger videos at that you will be able to watch online. With these, you will be able to get to know them more especially when you see those documentaries of these animals. It can be interesting to know their habitat, how they survive and how they deal with other animals through the videos.